Ladies County Honours


4 Wood Singles Winner. Helen Lewis-Wall

Pairs Winners. Julie Wilkins & Pam Sutton.

Triples Runners-Up. Bsrbara Lewis, Mary Chandler & June Boreham.

Fours Winners. Nicola Hughes, Julie Wilkins, Jamie-Lea Winch & Pam Sutton.

Fours Runners-Up. Leanne Blankley, Louise Delahay, Helen Lewis-Wall & Kath Fudger.

Under 25 Singles Winner. Leanne Blankley.

Unbadged Singles Winner. Barbara Lewis.

Senior Over 55 Singles Winner. Barbara Lewis.


Notable Achievements In National Competitions  


Top Club. Leicestershire Runners-Up. Team Captain – Pam Sutton.


Walker Cup. Leicestershire Ladies won this Competition. Nicola Hughes and Jamie-Lea Winch played in the Final. Sally-Ann Lewis Wall was a Team Member in previous rounds.


Balcomb Trophy. Leicestershire Men won this Competition. Joe Dawson and Chris Moore played in the Final and throughout the Competition.


Junior International 2016. Jamie-Lea Winch.


Men’s County Honours


4 Wood Singles Winner. Joe Dawson.

2 Wood Singles Runner-Up. Steven York

Pairs Runners-Up. Bill Hobart (Sub: Wally Rogers) & Joe Dawson

Mixed Pairs Winners. Jamie-Lea Winch & Joe Dawson

Club Secretaries Singles Winner. Mick Harris.


Area Honours – Hinckley & District Triples League


Division 3 Runners-Up. Kingscroft C Team, captained by Darren Delahay.

Division 4 Runners-Up. Kingscroft D Team, captained by Eddie Newell.


Notable Achievement


Senior International Trialist. Joe Dawson.


Ladies Club Competitions


Singles Campion Winner. Jamie-Lea Winch.

Runner-Up. Louise Delahay.    


Two Wood Singles Winner. Louise Delahay.

Runner-Up. Julie Wilkins.


Handicap Singles Winner. Louise Delahay

Runner-Up. Pam Sutton.


Maiden Singles Winner. Nicola Hughes.

Runner-Up. Jenny Delahay.

Pairs Winners. Samantha Wilkins & Nicola Hughes

Runners-Up. Dulcie Heath & June Boreham.


Mixed Pairs Winners. Julie Wilkins & Brian Marsden

Runners-Up. Helen Lewis-Wall & David Orton


Men’s Club Competitions


Singles Championship Winner. Joe Dawson

Runner-Up Darren Delahay.


Club Pairs Winners. Steven York & Joe Dawson.

Runners-Up. Warren Heath & David Bray.


Non-Winners Winner. Billy Green.

Runner-Up. Eddie Newell.


Handicap Singles Winner. Joe Dawson.

Runner-Up. John Hames.


Two Wood Singles Winner. Joe Dawson

Runner-Up. Bill Hobart.


Senior Singles Winner. (Bill Hobart)

Runner-Up. John York.


Two Wood Jubilee Pairs Winners. Bill Hobart & Alan Hemsley.

Runners-Up. Ken Delahay & Darren Delahay.


Open Pairs (G. Seller Trophy)




Ladies County Honours


Four Wood Singles Runners-Up. Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall.

Triples Runners-Up. Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall, Helen Lewis-Wall & Kath Fudger.

Under 25’s Singles Winner. Leanne Blankley.

Under 25’s Pairs Winner. Leanne Blankley with Elizabeth Shipley of Hinckley BC.

Over 55 Singles Runner-Up. Pam Sutton.


Top Club – Leics, & Area Winners and Semi-Finalists at National Finals at Leamington.


Senior International Trialist. Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall.


Mens County Honours


Four Wood Singles Winner. Joe Dawson

Mixed Pairs Runners-Up. Lynn Green & Joe Dawson.


Area Honours – Hinckley & District Triples League


Winners – Division 1 ‘B Team’ Captains: Joe Dawson & Mick Haywood.

Winners – Division 5 ‘D Team’ Captain – Derek Heath.


Wade Cup (Charity Competitions) Winners. Captains Ted Astill & Tom Clancy.


Ladies Club Competitions


Singles Champion Winner. Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall.

Runner-Up. Helen Lewis-Wall.


Two-Wood Singles Winner. Louise Delahay.

Runner-Up. Dulcie Heath.


Handicap Singles Winner. Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall.

Runner-Up. June Boreham.


Elsie Pegg (Maiden) Winner. Dulcie Heath.

Runner-Up. Samantha Wilkins.


Pairs Winners. Samantha Wilkins & Julie Wilkins.

Runners Up. Jenny Delahay & Helen Lewis-Wall.


Mixed Pairs Winners. John King & June Boreham.

Runners-Up. Derek Heath & Helen Lewis-Wall.


Mens Club Competitions


Championship Winner. Darren Delahay.

Runner-Up. Steven York


Club Pairs Winners. Billy Green & Peter Hobbs.

Runners-Up. Steven York & Joe Dawson.


Maiden Singles Winner. John Hames

Runner-Up. Eddie Newell


Handicap Singles Winner. Malcolm Bates.

Runner Up. Alan Hemsley


Two-Wood Singles Winner. Steven York.

Runner-Up. Peter Hobbs


Senior Singles Winner. Bill Hobart.

Runner-Up. Mick Harris.


Two-Wood Pairs Winners. Steven York & John York.

Runners-Up. Brian Marston & Mick Harris.


Special Recognition Awards.


Player of the Year. Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall.

Most Improved Player of the Year – Ladies. Jenny Delahay.

Most Improved Player of the Year – Men. David Orton.





Club Finals Day


Mens Pairs. Mick Harris & Alan Hemsley (26) David Bray & Rick Morris (12)

Mixed Pairs. Derek Heath & Julie Wilkins (20) Viv Musson & Warren Heath (12)

Mens Handicap. Joe Dawson (21) Bill Hobart (17)

Ladies Two Wood. Pam Sutton (18) Dulcie Heath (4)

Men’s Senoir Singles. Alan Hemsley (12) Bill Hobart (21)

Jubilee Pairs. Brian Marston & Joe Dawson (24) Mick & Rick Morris (12)

Ladies Pairs. Sam Wilkins & Viv Musson (20) Dulcie Heath & Julie Wilkins (21)

Mens Champoinship. Joe Dawson (21) Alan Hemsley (16)

Mens Maiden Singles. Malc Bates (23) John Hames (9)

Ladies Chamionsip. Pam Sutton (21) Julie Wilkins (11)





Club Finals Day

Men’s Jubilee Pairs. Bill Hobart & Nathan Ware (19) Lol Chamberlain & Rick Morris (11)

Ladies Handicap. Pam Sutton (21) Dulcie Heath (12)

Ladies Championship. Pam Sutton (21) June Boreham (11)

Ladies Maiden. Leanne Blankley (21) Dulcie Heath (18)

Senior Singles. Mick Harris (20) Bill Hobart (9)

Men’s Handicap. Joe Dawson (21) Alan Hemsley (11)

Ladies 2 Wood Singles. Pam Sutton (17) June Boreham (6)

Men’s Championship. Joe Dawson (21) Mick Haywood (12)

Ladies Pairs. Gladys Hudson & Leanne Blankley (18) Sam Wilkins & Louise Delahay (16)

Mixed Pairs. Dulcie Heath & Joe Dawson (28) Nolan Davis & June Boreham (8)

Men’s Pairs. Ken Delahay & Roger Jacobs (19) Ted Astill & Alan Hemsley (13)

Men’s Non-Winners. Warren Heath (21) John Hames (12)

Men’s 2 Wood Singles. Joe Dawson (15) Mick Haywood (6)




Club Finals Day

Men's Senior Singles. Bill Hobart (21) John York (14)

Mixed Pairs. David Hobbs & Kath Fudger (7) June Boreham & Joe Dawson (27)

Men's Championship Singles. Roger Jacobs (20) Joe Dawson (21)

Ladies Maiden Singles. Mandy Blankley (21) Leanne Blankley (10)

Men's Non-Winners Singles (Maiden) Bob Beardsmore (21) Mick Harris (15)

Ladies Two Wood Singles. Louise Delahay (16) Mu Latimer (4)

Men's Handicap Singles. Waiting on results.

Men's Club Pairs. Lol Chamberlain & Mick Haywood (24) Bill Hobart & Mick Salt (13) 

Men's 2 Wood Singles. Waiting on results.

Men's Two Wood Jubilee Pairs. Nathan Ware & Bill Hobart (10)

Mick Haywood & Joe Dawson (18)

Ladies Championship Singles. Pam Sutton (21) Vivian Musson (12)

Ladies Pairs. Leanne Blankley & Louise Delahay (29) Gladys Hudson & Mandy Blankley (19)

Ladies Handicap Singles. Eileen Coley (14) June Boreham (23)





Club Finals Day

Men’s Two Wood Singles. Joe Dawson (17) Mick Haywood (8)

Men’s Club Pairs. Ted Orton & Bill Hobart (27) Mick Harris & Rick Morris (12)

Ladies Handicap Singles. Louise Delahay (22) June Boreham (18)

Men’s Jubilee Pairs. John Neville & Roger Huckle (18) Brian Marston & Mick Harris (13)

Ladies Maiden Singles. Rose Brand (21) Gladis Hudson (11)

Mens Handicap. Mark Stevenson (22) Mick Salt (19)

Mens Championship. Joe Dawson (21) Bill Hobart (12)

Ladies Championship. Pam Sutton (21) Louise Delahay (14)  

Senior Singles. Bill Hobart (21) Mick Harris (17)

Ladies Two Wood Singles. Vivian Musson (21) June Boreham (20)

Men’s Non Winners. Rick Morris (21) Mark Stevenson (20)  




Club Finals Day
Jubilee Pairs. John & Steven York 4 - 14 Nathan Ware & Bill Hobart.
Club Pairs. Peter Hobbs & Ted Orton 28 - 19 Nolan Davis & Mick Haywood.
Men's Non-Winners. Wilf Moore 21 - 19 Tony Wood.
Ladies Non-Winners. Eileen Coley 22 - 15 Rose Brand.
Men's Championship. Singles Nathan Ware 20 - 21 Joe Dawson.
Ladies Championship. Singles Jenny Groves 21 - 20 Vivian Musson.
Mens Handicap Singles. Mick Salt 7 - 21 Mick Haywood.
Senior Singles. Bill Hobart 21 - 20 John York.
Men’s Two Wood Singles. Joe Dawson 13 - 12 Mick Haywood.

County Club Secretaries Singles.

The final of the Club Secretaries Singles was held at Knighton Victoria BC on Sunday 5th September 2010. Mick Harris WON 21 to 15 against Dave Ward of Melton Town BC. It was a closely fought contest and could have gone either way.

Final of the Hinckley & District Triples 'Knock-Out' Cup.

Held at Hinckley Sweet Pea BC on Sunday 12th September 2010. Kingscroft 'B', Captained by Mick Haywood, BEAT Burbage 'A' Constitutional BC by 2 Rinks to 1 Rink to WIN the Cup. The Rink skipped by Chris Moore won confortably, the Rink skipped by Joe Dawson won on the 18th End after a closely fought contest, and the Rink skipped by Pete Hobbs lost. Nevertheless, it's a team game and extremely well done by Mick Haywood's team. This result was particularly satisfying because Kingscroft 'B' WON Division 1 in the Hinckley & District Triples League. Therefore; Kingscroft 'B' 'WON THE DOUBLE' which is a magnificent achievement and does not happen very often.


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